Friday, October 4, 2013

5-year-old battling Leukemia sacks Northern Illinois quarterback (VIDEO)

Zach Dacy, a 5-year-old who is battling Leukemia, was recently invited to attend a Northern Illinois football practice.

His parents, Joe and Jen, are NIU alums and Joe had contacted the school over the summer to see about attending a Huskies game. His email made the rounds and the athletic department made arrangements for the Dacy family to come to the Eastern Illinois game and take in a practice the week before.

Little Zach is a huge football fan. He roots for the Green Bay Packers and says Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers — both of whom he got to meet last year— are his favorite players.

At the end of NIU practice last week, NIU coach Rod Carey set up a special surprise for Zach. He was going to get a chance to meet the 4-0 team and sack quarterback Jordan Lynch.

The offensive and defensive lines got set up and the blond-maned Zach looked like a miniature Matthews before getting into his stance. He made a few moves, zig-zagged his way through a couple of blockers before sacking Lynch in the pocket  For once, the team didn't mind seeing their QB take some lumps and hoisted a smiling Zach up in the air.

A small gesture with a big reward.

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