Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kate Upton takes heat from other models for personal bodyguard

Model Kate Upton's curves have garnered her numerous modeling gigs and, most recently, the rare Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover two years in a row.  Now the hotter than hot cover girl has gotten herself a personal bodyguard to protect her assets.

To men it might seem like the greatest job in the world, but her model friends are giving her even more heat and calling it "ridiculous."

"She goes everywhere with her bodyguard.  And she's the only one who travels with one," a source told The New York Daily News Confident@l.  "The fame may have gone to her head a bit."

The visible 24-hour detail was uncovered when one of the hulking guardians was spotted filming Upton backstage at the "Late Night with David Letterman" show — when she was there for the SI swimsuit cover reveal a couple of weeks ago.  When CBS security told the man to "put it away," he replied,  "But I'm Kate Upton's bodyguard."

It sounds like the beefy bodyguards might be there to protect Upton from other "bitchy" bikini models.

"The other girls don't feel it's fair that she got the cover twice.  They think Kate thinks she's just too cool now," the source added.

2010's swimsuit cover girl, Brooklyn Decker, has come to Upton's defense.  She knows what it's like to be thrust into the limelight and tweeted her support.  She wrote, "Congratulations Ms.@kateupton !! making history!" after this year's cover girl was revealed.

Too bad some of the other models think they should have been the one getting frostbite on the  Antarctica shoot.

"It's hard, it's like a sorority with the girls.  When they say congrats to Kate, it's just fake," the source said. "Everyone thinks it's unfair and they're bummed. Every girl thinks it's their time."

The source said Upton knows some of her fellow catwalk strutters have their claws out and is hurt by the fact.

A spokesperson for Upton said, "She hired him because she has been on the road.  She's a sex icon now, there are crazy weirdos out there.  There are drunk men around.  He's not 24 hours for Kate, he's actually for all the girls.  He helps everyone."

Everyone except the drunk weirdos.

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