Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dwight Freeney: Playing for Giants 'would be a dream'

Free agent Dwight Freeney said he can't see himself joining an NFL team that doesn't have a chance to win and yesterday couldn't contain his enthusiasm about hooking up with the New York Giants.

After 11 seasons and 107.5 sacks with the Indianapolis Colts, the defensive end said Wednesday on SiriusXM Radio that playing for Big Blue "would be a dream" given "I grew up a Giants fan, all my life."

Freeney, recently cut loose by the Colts, is looking for a new team and the Hartford, Conn native sounds like he might be a nice replacement for Osi Umenyiora if the Giants don't bring him back. A ready-set position and winning — two things Freeney thinks the Giants can offer him the 33-year-old, seven-time Pro Bowler.

"I think the biggest thing I’m looking for is a contender, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Super Bowl team, at least it’s a team that is contending for the Super Bowl, in the playoffs and fits the things that I do," Freeney said yesterday. "I played 11 years and I want to continue to win."

Freeney's numbers were down in 2012 — as he adjusted to a 3-4 defensive front after excelling 10 years in a 4-3 — but if he doesn't try to break the Giants' payroll, Freeny might rejuvenate Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck after their own disappointing seasons.

If Freeney can't work it out with the Giants, could their stadium mates, the Jets, be in the running for his services.

"We’ll see, obviously Rex [Ryan] is a great guy, I actually know Rex, I met him a few times," Freeney said. "Obviously playing in New York is obviously something that’s very attractive. Scheme-wise, I’m sure Rex knows how to free guys up. That would be a good fit, but a lot of teams would be a good fit. I’m an East Coast guy. It makes sense, it feels good but we’ll see the next few weeks who’s actually interested."

Like the man said, "I can't see myself going to a non-winner."

Sorry Rex.


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  2. Colts used him all wrong, he's got plenty left in him. I'd love to see him tear it up for a real team

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