Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jake Allen robs T.J. Brodie of goal with spectacular stick save

Jake Allen was making only his second NHL start in goal last night, but the St. Louis Blues netminder already has a stick save for the ages.

 The rookie backstop didn't let the sweet passing of the Calgary Flames — a highlight in itself — distract his hand-and-eye coordination as he stopped the Flames' T.J. Brodie from scoring on what looked like an open shot. Allen not only snuffed out Brodie's wide open shot by waving his stick, but he casually snags the puck mid-air with his glove like an old veteran.

The young goaltender might have stolen what would have been Brodie's first goal of the season — and the Flames' own top play highlight — but at least Brodie will be able to see what could have been on Allen's highlight reels for the rest of the season.

The Blues went on to win 5-2.

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