Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tortorella: Some Rangers players 'look scared' to me

After Tuesday's 3-1 loss to the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers coach John Tortorella made it clear that his players will not get ice time based on reputation and will have to earn it with merit.

The Rangers dropped the game with their cross-river rivals in Newark at "The Rock" after what Tortorella called "two free ones" in the first period. With the impressive debut of 19-year-old forward  J.T. Miller and the successful return of Chris Kreider, Torts sounded like some players might be losing time on the ice if they don't toughen up.

"They're gonna probably take some people's jobs," Tortorella said after the team dropped to 4-5-0,  "I'll tell you, with our hockey club right now, we have some guys that look scared to me, and tentative.

"I'll tell you right now, we're not waiting."

After falling into the early hole, the Rangers had an uphill battle against the Devils big-game goalie, Martin Brodeur.

The 40-year-old Brodeur lives for these games.

"It always feels good to play well against a big rival, in a big game," said the net minder who made 24 saves.

Meanwhile, the Rangers veterans better watch out.

"We have some guys that are playing very tentative, very careful," Tortorella said, "and we don't play careful hockey."


  1. Torts, please stop blaming your coaching incompetence on the players. It's right time for you to finally SHUT YOUR IGNORANT PIEHOLE and step down as a man before your players will spill your ass.
    I personally can't wait for you to get fired since you took over this job & promise you to start chanting for FIRING YOUR RATFACE in the Garden. I hope you know how it works, like a chain reaction...
    Regards, Sean Avery

  2. Torts is right to call out the players, but that is about it.
    I too can't wait for his exit.
    He gets kudos for tough conditioning, but then puts our player assets at risk with this stupid d first at all cost, everybody shot blocks all the time system.

    We have a world class goalie. We should not leave him hanging out to dry. That said, we should use him by taking chances to play more concerted offense. We lose both because we do not spend enough time on offense, and when we do we don't finish. Oh yeah, in addition to that basic, our power play sucks.

    Torts --- nah nah nah nah, etc.

    1. yeah, when there's a new coach and the players forget what backcheckin is, lundqvist getting shelled , takin penalties left and right and all the other bs that came with the coaches that preceeded torts, ranger fans can bitch about them too. unbelievable.and i've been a ranger fan for 45 years.he's a cup winner,so players should do what he says while they're here. lots a people bitched about keenan too.

  3. Should'a NEVER traded Dubinsky,,,MAJOR LOSS,,,Sure do hope that Nash's deal works out, feeling nervous, Rangers ALWAYZ seem to load up on HIGH priced talent, only to have it usually collapse in failure.....Wish a ressurection from Ratelle/Gilbert & Hadfield.....Now THOSE were definately the dayz,,,,,sigh...