Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Topps unveils world's largest baseball card of Prince Fielder

You could say Prince Fielder covered a lot more ground than usual Tuesday afternoon.

Topps unveiled the world's largest baseball card of the hefty Detroit Tigers first baseman in Lakeland, Fla. to ring in the release of the 2013 Series 1 collection.  Fielder was joined by dozens of Little Leaguers during the event.

The 90 feet by 60 feet card — as big as 82,944 regular baseball cards — was spread out over centerfield and features the 28-year-old slugger in mid-swing.

While the card is too big to put in your bicycle spokes (they still do that, right?) the mint-condition piece of memorabilia is also too large for your mother to accidentally toss in the garbage.

There must be a nice size piece of gum that comes with it somewhere.


  1. Is topps going to elimanate all those Drug users. Are they going to take Barry Bonds home run Record away.
    Pete Gambled but his records are true not taitated with Roids.