Thursday, February 28, 2013

Martellus Bennett 'not feeling the love' from Giants

Martellus Bennett wants to remain a New York Giant, after a productive first season in the Meadowlands, but all indications point to the tight end becoming a free agent this spring — joining a growing list of players including Osi Umenyiora and Ahmad Bradshaw who are on the verge of becoming  former Giants.

Bennett — a habitual tweeter — vented his disappointment over a lack of progress with the Giants front office via (how else?) Twitter.

"Not feeling the love," Bennett wrote in a long series of rambling tweets.

"They have other priorities that come before little ole me.  I'm just a small piece of what they're trying to do there.  I've come to the conclusion that we are just temporary investments to the owners.  Value money and growth over players. Just like any business, Employees aren't as valuable as we use to be. Everyone needs a job. Lol."


  1. Really, this should come as no surprise, as bennett was almost unreliable as a TE and just could not get on the same page as Eli. Quit your whinning Bennett and go play for someone else, like, maybe with your brother in Tampa. Adios!!!

    1. Anonymous....I agree, NYG could do sooo much better without him. Besides, players who complain on the Ginats just don't understand how the organization works. Eli spends too much time with his recievers to have a TE of Bennett's size just fluff around the field. Should develop Pascoe (who is signed & can also block) and let Bennett whine somewhere else, like the "former" Cowboy he is.

  2. sorry, you're wrong about this guy. he's got a few screws loose but he has a ton of talent and the giants need a tight end who runs over people.