Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prokhorov shows his frustration from owner's box at Barclays Center

Mikhail Prokhorov just sold his share of a Russian gold business for $3.6 billion, but he may soon find himself showing his star point guard Deron Williams how to close a deal when a game is on the line.

The Brooklyn Nets owner could only watch, from his private box at Barclays Center Sunday night, when Williams  — who scored a game-high 24 points — couldn't come to terms when it counted and the Nets dropped a heartbreaking 76-72 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Old Prokie's reaction says it all after Williams drove the lane, with the Nets behind 74-72, and his sloppy pass to Mirza Teletovic was intercepted by Tayshun Prince allowing Memphis to get the win.


While Prohorov was dropping to his knees saying, "Nyet, nyet, nyet" in his luxury box, D-Will was seen limping on his bad ankle down the court.

The Grizzlies scored 11 straight points to finish the game while Brook Lopez was benched by Nets coach P.J. Carlesimo.  The Nets (33-24) were held to a season low 72 points and shot a miserable 37.7% from the field.

It must be hard waking up $3.6 billion richer and still helpless to do anything to help your million-dollar hobby win.

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