Thursday, February 7, 2013

Leno recreates GoDaddy Super Bowl ad with Bar Refaeli

Supermodel Bar Refaeli made an appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday night — hot off her controversial commercial which debuted during Sunday's Super Bowl game.

In the opening of the show, host Jay Leno complimented Refaeli on the success of the television spot — where she locks tonsils with a nerdy-looking guy — and asks the Israeli beauty if they could recreate the scene for his show.

"Sure!" Refaeli says enthusiastically.  "Pucker up."

While Leno puckers up, in walks Jesse Heiman — the actor who played the nerd on the now famous commercial — and he lands a lingering smooch on the unsuspecting Leno.

It's actually pretty funny

Refaeli went on to say she was surprised by all of the hype the commercial created — it has over 9 million hits on YouTube —and said the two actors did 60 takes of the kiss before they got it right.

"Is he a good kisser," Leno asked the model, to which she handily replied, "You tell me."

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  1. Jay is the king of late night, a good sport, and based on his charitable endeavors alone, a good guy.

    Funny spot.