Friday, February 8, 2013

John Harbaugh tells Letterman he hasn't spoken to brother Jim since Super Bowl

John Harbaugh sat down with David Letterman on "The Late Show" last night and revealed that he hasn't spoken to his brother Jim since the post-game handshake after his Baltimore Ravens narrowly beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII Sunday night.

At the traditional midfield meeting, the winning coach lightheartedly admitted to Letterman that he told his steamed brother —who was on the short end of the 34-31 loss — "I love you."

Jim Harbaugh's last words to his victorious bro were,"Congratulations."

 John joked that they haven't said a word since.

Harbaugh's chat with the late night host went along these lines:

Letterman: “Have you spoken to him since?” 

Harbaugh: “I have not.  We have not had a conversation since.  We will – soon.” 

Letterman: “Did you ever get a sense growing up that there was favoritism from one to the other? Were you the favorite? Was Jim the favorite?”

Harbaugh: “I felt like Jim was the favorite pretty much our whole [life] – I did, I did.  Jim felt like he was the favorite, but the truth, Joani, our sister, she was truly the favorite. She was the little baby girl.”

Letterman: “Joani…now where does she coach?” 

Letterman: “When will you talk to your brother?”

Harbaugh: “I’m hoping, you know, sometime soon. We actually, we have meetings coming up, we have a combine in two weeks."

Letterman: “Is there animosity?”

Harbaugh: “No, no. You know what there is?”

Letterman: “Is he feeling bad? Do you need to reach out to him?”

Harbaugh: “He’s playing golf today. He’s playing golf, yeah.  No, there’s no consolation. There’s no way that you console your brother. Anybody that has a brother knows that.  You don’t console your brother. It doesn’t work.” 

Letterman: “Not having a brother, I have two sisters and it’s unlikely that any of us would have coached a Super Bowl game, so I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what this is.  Do you wake up thinking, ‘Oh, thank God I beat him,’ or, ‘Oh, I won, but, oh, too bad.’  I just don’t know what that is.”

Harbaugh: “You know, you do wake up thinking, ‘Thank God I beat him.’  You do, yes.  It would have been a long life, you know?” 

The NFL Scouting Combines are in two weeks and John was optimistic the two brothers would have to run into each other then.

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  1. I feel after reading the interview there was more of a sibling rivalry than a close bro to bro relationship so its no big deal if they talk or not. A casual conversation over a couple of beers followed by a knockdown dragout drunken brawl will break the ice..