Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Amir Khan blames Freddie Roach's Parkinson's disease for leaving trainer

Amir "King" Kahn seems to have a lot of excuses after he loses a fight.  If it's not the referee and judges like his loss to Lamont Peterson in December, it's the pre-fight taunts from Danny Garcia's trainer Angel Garcia — whom he attributed the fourth-round knockout in July.

During Tuesday's press conference at the Los Angeles Sports Arena to promote his upcoming Showtime fight against Carlos Molina (17-0-1, 7 KO's) on Dec. 15, Khan took his blame game to a place where nobody should go.

Instead of pinning the loss on himself, Khan (26-3, 18 KOs) said the reason he replaced Freddie Roach with trainer Virgil Hunter after the Garcia loss was because Roach's Parkinson's disease was affecting his ability to coach.

"Freddie's illness, it's very hard to see him as he's getting older.  I believe that he's getting worse, and I wish him all the best.  Freddie is still, with the Parkinson's disease, doing a great job working the mitts and working with fighters day in and day out.  I just believe that I need someone who is going to work me that bit harder and get the best out of me."

The 25-year-old British boxer has never faulted his glass jaw or defensive lapses and might just be miffed that Roach — one of the world's most sought after trainers — didn't stop working with Manny Pacquiao or any of the other boxers he trains to spend all of his time with Khan. That's fine.  But don't diss the man because he is ill.

"Freddie, with the Parkinson's disease, he was struggling with instructions and couldn't move."

Still, it was Khan who went to Roach fully knowing that the successful trainer has battled Parkinson's for years.  You aren't named Trainer of the Year by the Boxing Writers Association of America five times if the only thing you can do is work the mitts.

Khan has a chance to redeem himself with Hunter in his corner, but a loss to Molina — in the 12-round 140 lb. bout — could end his career as a a big time draw.

The skilled Khan had every right to switch trainers but laying blame on Roach's illness is just a low blow.


  1. Khan sucks. The guy think's he's some kind of celebrity. Maybe he should focus on boxing not cheating on his fiance and all the other sh** he gets up to, like tweeting ever 5 minutes. Still amazes me how he thought he was in the league of Mayweather. I would love to see Khan get his ass kicked by Floyd. Maybe he needs to fight Kell Brook, but in typical Khan style, he makes excuses.

  2. Yea that was low to blame it on a diseased trainer even if its true. I can understand if you had a chin but he does not have a chin. If Khan had a chin he would be great, but he has to fight and hope he never gets hit at all on the chin because it would be over. Just another prince naseem hamed

  3. Khan has no class or respect, you don't pass the blame when things don't go your way, you man up and take responsibility. In all honesty he has done Freddie Roach a favor by signing with someone else, someone with the experience and dedication Freddie Roach has and with the illness he has is an amazing person.

  4. Khan sucks big time! He has a glass jaw!! Why would he even blame Roach! Look Khan the tin can big mouth. have some respect! You have no chin,so pic your easy apponents and dont blame Roach!! Hes given alot to boxing and you have giving us a bunch of big mouth HYPE!! You have no clas my man!!

  5. Khan look in the mirror and just say it wasn't your night you lost and that Garcia was a better fighter. You are just making your self look and sound like a poor loser . Just be a man and take the blame you lost the fight.

  6. It is very difficult to eliminate the variables in preparing for such a fight. If he felt that was a negative variable, who are we to say it wasn't? Parkinson's is a progressive disease. It amazes me that Freddy Roach has been so successful for so long. We all have our limitations. According to Khan, knowing his own limitations, he needed someone to train him a little more agressively than Freddy was physically able to. He is the best judge of his own situation. It's not a diss, it's his reality.

  7. Khan, you are a joke and a disgrace to all boxers..

  8. This guy is a cry baby a punk that can't find his way to manhood become an announcer or something you're not man enough to fight in the ring punk!

    1. you will never amount to Fredie's time in the ring men accepts their mistakes and move on to better their game i hope you will learn this as you grow up.