Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tyson Chandler takes issue with Shaq's NBA center rankings

Dwight Howard isn't the only player who disagrees with Shaquille O'Neal's ranking of NBA centers.  New York Knicks big man Tyson Chandler took issue with the TNT analyst's assessment that the two best centers in the NBA right now are "Robin" Lopez and Andrew Bynum.

The slighted Howard called Shaq's rankings "comical," reports The New York Post.

"I was watching 'SportsCenter' this morning, eating breakfast in the team lounge, and I was laughing at the whole thing," Chandler said.  "I honestly think it's comical.  I don't care about rankings.

"That's one individual's point of view.  I know where I'm at.  I know what my value is.  And I know better I have to continue to get better."

Maybe Chandler's tough skin comes from years of being underrated.  Chandler, last season's NBA Defensive Player of the Year and U.S. Olympic team member, is used to getting such congratulatory snubs.

During the London Games, Chandler told The Post it was "ridiculous" that the coaches voted him second-team All Defense after he won the won the Defensive Player of the Year award.  Try and figure that one out.

Shaq may have ruffled Chandler's feathers with the Bynum and Robin Lopez — we're sure he meant twin-brother Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez —  comment, but the Knicks center might have Shaq eating crow.  The Knicks enter the season with high hopes and a improved — if not older— roster.

Who knows.  With Howard out in Los Angeles, Chandler has a good shot of making his first All-Star team.  That is if any Lopez brother or Bynum doesn't get in the way.

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