Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maple Leafs' Tyler Bozak under fire for Michael Jackson Halloween costume

Some people are calling Tyler Bozak Bad and not in a good way.  The Toronto Maple Leafs center is getting a lot of heat after posting a picture of his Halloween costume — as the late pop singer Michael Jackson — on Instagram late Tuesday night.

Critics immediately jumped on Bozak for dressing in blackface and — after realizing it might not have been such a good idea — he pulled the crotch-grabbing pose shortly after tweeting the photo.

The low-scoring Bozak defended himself after the controversy and stood up for his actions in another tweet.

"That's a tribute to one of my favorite artists," he posted.  "For anyone saying it's racist is crazy!"

 Bozak's controversial photo follows a recent trend of NHL players donning blackface on Halloween.  Adam Burish and Patrick Kane partied as Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen in 2009 and Phoenix Coyotes forward Raffi Torres and his wife dressed as Jay-Z and Beyonce last year.

Torres' costume created such a media backlash, the Coyotes organization found it necessary to defend their player with a statement calling the accusations of racism "ridiculous."

The Maple Leafs have not yet commented on the Bozak situation.

A lot of people right now are probably thinking the young Canadian just didn't realize that wearing blackface was offensive and insensitive to some but, it has been reported that Bozak previously dressed up as a Jamaican bobsledder two years ago.

Old Bozie might want to switch to whiteface and go as Bozo next year.


  1. people are way to sensitive and throw the race card out at the smallest things. get over it its just a costume

    1. Racist acts isn't a card, prejudice is very alive and active to include the hidden type. Do getting over with something mean act like it didn't happen.

  2. He could've used white makeup and still been MJ seeing as how he was whiter than I am!
    Get over the racist crap, it's a halloween costume!!!

  3. Prejudice comes in all forms, money,no money; skinny, fat; ghetto and trailer park vs the middle class and above; brown eyes, blue eyes; white monkey, black monkey; The rich will always look down on the poor, as with not in their class; and you say get over it how dumb can you be vs how smart are you really

  4. So why is it ok for Forrest Whitaker to severely darken his skin when he played Idi Amin in "The Last King of Scotland"?