Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trampoline athlete sets world record for longest slam-dunk

At a Dallas Mavericks pre-season game last weekend in Berlin,  a German man set the world record for longest slam-dunk in history at 25-feet and five-inches and no ... it wasn't Dirk Nowitzki — who was welcomed back to his native home.

During halftime at the preseason opening of the "NBA Europe Live 2012 Tour," where the Mavs faced the Euroleague's ALBA Berlin team, a group of trampoline acrobats took center court to entertain the crowd with their high-flying flips and dunks.

At the end of their performance, the group positioned a trampoline 7.75 meters from the basket and took turns trying to set the record before one of the crazy acrobats finally slammed the rock through the net.

I don't know who keeps records of these things — but it's a pretty incredible feat and gives the Phoenix Gorilla something to shoot for.

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