Friday, October 26, 2012

Bird poops on TV anchor during live shot outside AT&T Park

It may somehow mean good luck to the San Francisco Giants, but Paul Robins is the one who took it for the team after a bird pooped on the local TV anchor while he and Bethany Crouch were doing a live pre-World Series broadcast outside AT&T Park Thursday.

Yes — and Robins is his real name.

The Sacramento-based KTXL morning show anchor took a direct hit to his shoulder from one of his winged critics as his co-host Crouch, wearing one of those — depending where you're from — ubiquitous (Giants fans) or annoying (Tigers fans) panda hats, laughed hysterically.

"One of my goals in life is to make it on YouTube, and I think I did just that," Robins said of his new found social media fame.  "It's raining bird crap, if I may say that."

Yes you did and I guess you can.

Lucky for Robins,  pandas don't fly.


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  2. Christian Singer, Amy Grant, was awaiting a meeting with the record producer, having her hair done, looking her best at the bus stop, when poop rained on the new doo. Ha. She took opportunity to say, alluding to impure thoughts, birds can fly over, but you don't have to let them nest in your hair.