Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deron Williams gets animated for Sports Illustrated cover

Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams appears on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated and gets to show off his artistry with a basketball as well as a spray can of paint. Well, sort of.

When fans download the October 15 tablet issue of Sports Illustrated, they will see that the magazine's tablet cover is more than a static image.  The enhanced video titled "Brooklyn Rising" comes alive.

Williams first appears on the cover against a white background, dribbling a basketball wearing the new Brooklyn Nets uniform.  Then, with a little help from some animated spray paint graffiti, the background changes to colorful street art celebrating the borough's legends and famed landmarks before freezing on the final cover image.

Nothing says "Hello Brooklyn" like graffiti and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here's a look:

Rick Telander's cover story is about Williams and the Nets starting a new era in a borough where legends are made.  The writer calls Brooklyn "the cradle of the city game."

Brooklynite Jay-Z may only own a small portion of the Nets, but his influence is all over the team.

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