Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eli Manning's flood photo creates meme sensation

The photograph of Eli Manning snapping a picture of the flooded lobby of his Hoboken, N.J. apartment complex during Hurricane Sandy was all over the Internet and has now spawned a site where people can use Easy E's image in a meme. has launched a new Tumblr page called "Eli Manning Looking At Things" with the image of the dorky-looking New York Giants quarterback — wearing a red T-shirt and dark sweatpants — in the middle of everything from a bullfight to Derek Jeter lying on the infield after he broke his ankle during the ALCS.

It's hilarious.

The site has even added a cutout of the awkwardly nonchalant Manning pose to make creating your own meme image (some Photoshop skills necessary) easier.

Got to thank Deadspin for helping New Yorkers and Jerseyites get a little laugh from the aftermath of the storm.  Every little bit helps.

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