Sunday, October 28, 2012

Deron Williams says Knicks' Felton is upgrade from Lin

If anyone knows about Linsanity, it's Brooklyn Nets star Deron Williams.

After all, it was a game against the New York Knicks last Feb. 4 when Jeremy Lin finally broke out and started one of the craziest and most fun phenomenons in New York sports history.

Williams was the man Lin outplayed that night and the rest is sports history or — depending on who you talk to — sports overkill.

On Saturday, five days before the Nets point guard faces the Knicks again, Williams is giving props to the opposing guard who not named Lin anymore— Raymond Felton.

"I would say Raymond Felton is a better point guard than Jeremy Lin, in my opinion.  He's proven," Williams said before cutting last year's sensation some slack.  "Well. I can't go out and say that.  Jeremy Lin, he had a a heck of a run, he had All-Star-type numbers when he was starting.  But we'll see how he does this year.  But going off of [his] track record. I'm gonna go with Raymond Felton."

Williams wouldn't go all in and say the Knicks are a better team without Lin as the starting point guard, but would put his money on Felton rather than Lin if he had a choice.

"He looks good.  He looks in shape this year," Williams said of Felton.  The Knicks guard admitted being out of shape last season after the NBA lockout but still averaged 17 points and nine assists in 54 games with with New York last season.

"Ray probably had his best year that half season he was there," said Williams.  "I guess he likes the bright lights."

Williams and Felton have a history together that dates back to when they both came out of high school in 2002.

North Carolina recruited Felton over Williams and the Nets guard has never forgotten the slight.  He still uses it as motivation on the court.

Funny how bad memories are the ones that seem to Lin-ger.

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