Monday, October 22, 2012

Redskins' Cofield calls Eli the new 'Montana'

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Barry Cofield got a close up view how elite New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning had become from the sidelines when they played as teammates for five years.

Since last season, the former Giants starter has had the reverse angle on how good Manning is while watching from the opposite side of the ball wearing the Giants division rival's burgundy and yellow.

Yesterday, Cofield was witness to another fourth-quarter Manning comeback when Easy E hit Victor Cruz on a 77-yard bomb with 1:13 left to give the Giants a wild 27-23 victory over the 'Skins.  Too bad  for Cofield, it was from the losing side's perspective.

After the game, Cofield paid his props and elevated Manning's elite status to another level when he placed him in the same company of the former San Francisco 49ers great Joe Montana.

"Eli is like Joe Montana right now," said Cofield.  "When I was here, he was good, showing flashes, he's exceptional right now.  He's got nerves of steel.  To beat this team you are gonna have to bury him, then you have to put the dirt on top of him and then put the cement on top of him and then watch it dry.  Anything short of that they are still in the game."

The unbelievable rally marked the eighth game winning-drive that Manning has led in the last two seasons and the 24th time in the quarterback's career that he's led Big Blue to victory after trailing in the  fourth quarter.

Sunday's win might not be classified as one of Manning's prettiest outings but, like Montana, it's the final result that matters most.  For Manning's career, that could be the Hall of Fame too.

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