Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tebow worried about having enough underwear in training camp

The first day of training camp opened for the New York Jets and what was the the most important thing Tim Tebow wanted to bring to Cortland, N.Y.— enough underwear.

Who cares if he is battling Mark Sanchez for the starting job or if Darrelle Revis was actually going to show up, having enough tightey-whiteys sounded like his No. 1 priority.  After all, it is summer camp.

When a reporter asked Tebow what stuff he brought to camp, Tebow put his mouth where his money is.

"Like stuff ?," he asked.  "Enough underwear.  That's always key, new pairs of Jockeys."

Granted, Tebow has an endorsement deal with the undergarment company, so his little plug is understandable.

It might be a little more information than most fans cared to hear, but get ready to hear a lot more stupid questions as Tebowmania gets cranked up this summer.

I'm sure the good folks at Jockey will make sure their spokesman doesn't go commando for too long.

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