Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Yankee Darnell McDonald still had dreadlocks on Fenway scoreboard

Former Boston Red Sox player Darnell McDonald got polite applause during his first appearance at Fenway Park even while donning the hated New York Yankees pinstripes— OK, visitor grays.  But the electronic scoreboard operator might have had been having a little fun when he super-imposed a Yankee cap over an old photo of the dreadlocked head of McDoanld during his at-bat intro.

Deceased Yankees owner George Steinbrenner's left behind strict rules concerning the neat grooming of his player's hair on their heads and face.  So this might some sort of Sox revenge and probably the last time you see wild dreads underneath a Yankee player's cap during a game— even if it's only on the scoreboard.


The 33-year-old McDonald was cut by the Red Sox and picked up on waivers by the Yankees on Wednesday.  One of the first questions the new Yankee had was could he keep his long hair— 2 1/2 years worth of growth— so he texted a picture of himself to Yankee Captain Derek Jeter along with a message: "Do I have to cut it off?"

Jeter— the prototype of Steinbrenner's regimentation— tweeted back: "Cut it off, it's a new beginning."

It didn't take long for McDonald to be seen in the visitors locker room at Fenway holding a Ziplock bag full of his hastily clipped locks.

McDonald plans to donate the hair to a charity.  It looks like he could sell it as a dime bag.

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