Friday, July 6, 2012

Cameraman makes nice one-handed catch

A TV cameraman made what has to be the most nonchalant one-handed catch of a foul ball this season— and didn't stop doing his job while grabbing the souvenir.

During the first inning of the Chicago Cubs-Atlanta Braves game Thursday night at Turner Field, a foul ball was hit in the direction of the cameraman wearing a Braves hat— so you know he works for TBS— on the second level of the stadium.  Without taking his eye off the camera, he snags the fly ball with one free hand.

Or maybe the showoff was just watching himself on the camera monitor.


Don't get confused by the SNY (New York Mets) anchor introducing this clip.  The woman was so stoked about David Wright's game-winning walk-off single against the Phillies on the same night, she started the tape intro with the Mets player's at bat.  Her excitement turned to disappointment after her producers chose the catch video as the play of the day and not Wright's big hit at Citi Field.

The catch is better than Wright's bloop single anyway— at least Phillies fans think so.

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