Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tony Parker wears protective goggles in game vs. Spain

The Miami Heat might have made big-framed, black eyeglasses all the rage during the NBA Finals, but Tony Parker is wearing his new eyewear for reasons other than fashion.

The San Antonio Spurs guard suffered a scratched cornea during a nightclub brawl between R&B stars Drake and Chris Brown on June 14.  Now Parker will wear the black Bolle goggles to protect his eyes as the French team prepares for the London Games.

Resembling a miniature version of a goggled Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Parker looked like he was back to form after concern if the eye injury would jeopardize his chance at playing in the Olympics— or even derail his career.  The Spurs' team doctors cleared the point guard to play and he scored 11 points in 30 minutes in a friendly against Spain Sunday.

Last month, the 30-year old Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against the Manhattan club W.i.P. —where the wild bottle-throwing melee broke out.

While Parker wore his frames in a game against Spain, the French team still lost, 75-70.

France opens its Olympic basketball competition against the U.S. squad on July 29.

You never know, the French star may bring the Horace Grant look back in vogue.

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