Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet the new, slimmer version of Rex Ryan again

Rex Ryan— the larger than life and bigger than an offensive tackle NFL personality— taped a television talk show Thursday and showed off the new slimmer version of himself.

After dropping over 100 pounds and sporting a new hairstyle, the New York Jets head coach taped an interview with CBS-NY's "The Couch" (to be broadcast Friday) and looked like he stepped off the cover of GQ instead of the menu at DQ.


Ryan said the turning point came when he expected to weigh about 300 pounds and saw a scary number "348" staring up at him from the scale.

"At that, I was like, 'This is ridiculous.  I have to do something,'" he said.

The svelte Sexy Rexy joked about the countless other diets he tried in the past.

"I succeeded 50 times, but I was also failed 50 times," he said.

After seeing the big 3-4-8, Ryan said he decided to have lap-band surgery to reduce the amount of food he could consume.  Exercise and smaller portions helped with the remarkable weight loss.

Now, thrilled with his new physique, Ryan is a proud spokesperson for the lap-band surgery.

He's even encouraged his twin brother Rob— the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys— to diet and workout.  The Jets coach claims his brother Rob lost 60 pounds since joining him on the program.

One thing Rex didn't lose was his braggadocio. In assessing this year's team— which starts training camp in a week— the old coach showed up and boasted," I think this will be the best team I've had since I've been here."

Jets fans probably now wish he got his jaw wired instead of having his stomach tied.

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