Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic beach volleyball sweepers do it to Benny Hill theme song

The women's Olympic beach volleyball tournament is probably the most fun place to be during any Olympics but this year the fun has gotten downright silly.

Tons of sand have been poured onto the courtyard known as Horse Guards Parade and turned the stodgy square into Huntington Beach with a Big Ben.

Not many sports athlete's wear less clothing than female volleyball players and those that do are usually getting arrested.  At the 2012 volleyball tournament, the dancers who conga between points wear more clothes than the women.

The the most bizarre highlight of the tournament might be when the sand sweepers come out to rake the court to the saxophone strains of "Yakety Sax"— better known as the Benny Hill song.

While the venue is usually being bombarded with rock songs, Yakety Sax is a refreshing alternative to California punk and a tribute to all those wacky British comedians we grew up with.  Who can forget the lecherous Benny chasing around the buxom nurses with his cane.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Downing Street may never be the same. I wonder if the Ministry of Silly Walks is nearby.

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