Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: 'Watch us beat the Giants' asses'

Outspoken owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, said his team will beat the New York Giants this season.  A big time, Lone Star whooping.

After his widely-ridiculed, off-the-wall comment about wanting "me some glory hole" the other day, Jones still hasn't stopped yapping out of that big hole in the middle of his face.

"Y' all should come down to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants' asses," said Jones at a ceremony to open the Cowboys' training camp on Monday, according to ESPN.

This comes days after former-Cowboy and current-Giant tight end Martellus Bennett boasted, "I just want to kick those guys [Cowboys players] asses."

I'm sensing a a glory hole theme all-around here.

The Cowboys' ceremony actually included skydivers in a pep rally atmosphere. The Cowboys are still hurting after being knocked on their butts and out of the playoffs by the Giants in 2011 and a could use a little chest puffing.

If Jones' prediction comes true, it sounds like Dallas will make the fans to wait few weeks for the posterior paddling since the teams meet first in the NFL season opener on Sept. 5 at MetLife Stadium and don't face each other at Cowboys Stadium until Oct. 28.

The Giants won both games against Dallas last season— a 37-34 victory in Texas and a 31-14 win in New Jersey to clinch the NFC East.

Jones may be talking out of his— well, let's say Tex-ass— because the Giants are 3-0 at Cowboys Stadium since they opened the $1.3 billion-dollar venue.

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