Friday, July 27, 2012

Antrel Rolle shows up in camp with glow-in-the-dark hairstyle

The New York Giants had their first full day of practice and it looks like Tom Coughlin's normally serious two-a-days might be a little more colorful this summer especially after Antrel Rolle showed up in camp sporting a crazy glow-in-the dark hairstyle.

The defensive back's head had a Mohawk down the middle separating what was all business on the right side while on the left was a party of day-glow designs.

It took Rolle's barber four hours to complete the work of art.


"I told him to give me something different, something that stood out," said the 29-year old.  And he got it.

Even his teammates were shocked by the neon 'do. Punter — and wild man himself—Steve Weatherford did a double-take when he heard it glowed in the dark.

Asked if he thought hair could make you a better player, Rolle laughed, "Absolutely not," but the last two times he came to camp with special haircuts his team went to the Super Bowl. The Cardinals in 2008 and the Giants last year.

Rolle's crazy haircut seemed to lighten the mood around the Super Bowl champs' practice.  But a Lombardi Trophy can do that to a team too.

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