Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kid doesn't get Yankee home run but gets a signed ball sent up by Jeter instead

An enterprising young man didn't get his targeted wish— a home run ball hit into the stands of the Oakland Coliseum by a New York Yankee— but ended up with something better— a ball signed by Derek Jeter and personally sent over to him.

At last night's Yankees-A's game, the youngster, wearing a Yankees jersey and cap, made a sign for a Yankee to hit the 'X' on his target.  Instead of the usual one name on the poster, this innovative kid used a flip card with every Yankee in the starting lineup on a single page. Simple enough.  Jeter up, just flip to Jeter's name and so on.

Things got a little frantic when Russell martin stepped up to the plate and the kid couldn't find his name.    YES announcers ken Singleton and David Cone had fun at the expense of the panicky boy until he finally found Martins' name and flipped it up.

It was all in vain when Martin popped out.

Despite some spelling errors— Teixeira was missing an ''i or two— the boy's persistence paid off when Jeter had a signed ball brought up to the surprised young fan towards the end of the game.

The boy's sign didn't help the Yankees lack of firepower— they lost 2-1— but it was still a night the kid will always remember. 

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