Monday, July 30, 2012

Jimmie Johnson's daughter refuses to kiss the bricks after Brickyard 400 win

Jimmie Johnson had a tough time holding off Kyle Busch to win his fourth career Brickyard 400 but had a harder time getting his young daughter to honor the long tradition of kissing the bricks after a victory at the Indianapolis race track.

As Johnson and his wife knelt down to kiss the racer's sacred patch of bricks and cement, their daughter Genevieve looked up at her parents with a "You want me to do what?" look.

No coaxing of the youngster could convince her to do something she was probably taught was a no-no— put your lips on the dirty ground.

"She wasn't into it ," joked the winning driver.


Johnson joined Jeff Gordon as the only NASCAR racers with four Brickyard 400 wins under their belts.

The family then took a victory lap around the track in the winning car and the little girl probably thought celebrating like this "was more like it."

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  1. Did the writer of this story even watch the race?!?! "had a tough time holding off Kyle Busch", REALLY??!!? Since when is an almost 6 second lead considered a hard time holding off the competition? I guess this is not the venue to find serious NASCAR reporting.