Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coach punches female player in face after loss: police

A Wisconsin girl's basketball coach was arrested Monday for punching a 17-year old player in the face after the team lost a game.

The teen girl told police her coach, Fred E. Freeman, 47, verbally abused her after the loss and then threw her to the ground and punched her in the face, reported WISHTV.

The high school-aged team, the Wisconsin StealerZ Elite 16, was competing in a tournament in Fishers,  Ind. when the reported altercation took place.

Witnesses called 911.

The young lady suffered scratches and bruises on her arms and legs.

Freeman was arrested on preliminary misdemeanor charge of battery and taken to Hamilton County Jail.  The coach admitted to police that he restrained the girl, but claimed he was the victim because the teenager attacked him first.

The coach's daughter witnessed the scuffle and was heard pleading with her father to stop by yelling, "No, Daddy."

Organizers said the team withdrew from the tournament because it no longer had a coach. All of the players went back home with their parents.


  1. gives a new meaning to hit and run!!!!

  2. And we find out today that he was not charged for the incident. A white coach hits an African American teenager in an affluent suburb. Why do I even expect that he would be charged?