Monday, January 21, 2013

David Wright gets engaged to longtime girlfriend Molly Beers

Chalk up another long-term commitment for New York Mets star David Wright. It was just a month ago that the third baseman officially signed an eight-year, $138 million contract extension with the club — essentially turning him into a Met for life.

On Sunday, Wright announced he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend, model Molly Beers, turning this offseason into a pretty busy one for the Mets star.

No wedding date has been set, yet.

The good-looking couple was seen together at Wright's fundraiser in Virginia on Friday while he hosted Vegas Night to benefit Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

Wright and Beers have been dating for years and their relationship first became public when Wright threw her a birthday bash over the All-Star break in 2008.

Now that he has put an engagement ring on his beautiful fiance's finger, fans are hoping he can help put a championship ring on his own.


  1. Better hope Bret Mus doesn't get a eye full of her. NYUWITT

  2. Say goodbye to that $138 Million Dave!

  3. For his sake, I hope she's smarter then Wes Welker's c*m receptacle...Anna Burns Welker.

  4. nother reason to like beer•¿•

  5. Note to the writer and editor:

    It's Fiancée, it's a feminine word in French. Fiancé, is the masculine form.

  6. I specifically clicked on this story to remark about how obsessed we are with looks. We really are a primitive culture. Pathetic. And I'm not being sarcastic.