Monday, August 3, 2015

Patriots fan fires back at Jets, Goodell by flying banner of his own (PHOTO)

And the AFC East banner wars begin.

A Maine man countered the New York Jets group who flew a "Cheaters Look Up!" banner over the New England Patriots training camp last week, by hiring a plane to fly a banner over NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s vacation home in Scarborough with the message "Comm. Goodell Jet Home To N.Y."

Richard Pate of Biddeford, Maine, wouldn't say how much it cost, but insisted it was worth every penny to poke Goodell after he gave Brady a four-game suspension.

And take a jab at the Jets banner as well.

"I went over to [a pilot] and asked if he'd be willing to fly a banner, and he was more than happy to ..." Pate told WCSH6. "You know, the irony is I don't remember the Jets winning many Super Bowls, maybe one back in the 60s."

While Goodell's home is under police surveillance, Pate said he hopes to fly the banner again on Sunday or Monday.

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