Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Odell Beckham Jr. offered professional baseball contract

Odell Beckham Jr. throws one softball for fun and look what happens? Well, if you are the freakishly athletic OBJ, and it broke the plate with 80-plus heat, anything is possible — even the offer of a professional baseball contract.

The New York Giants receiver was offered a contract to be a pitcher by the Can-Am League's Rockland Boulders on Tuesday after video of him throwing a softball at a charity event went viral over the weekend.

The Boulders are an independent league team based out of Pomona, New York.

"It's apparent that Odell is a very gifted athlete regardless of his sport.  We think that getting experience pitching to professional hitters will give him the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson," Boulders general manager Shawn Reilly said. "As we are the New York area's only defending professional championship team, he will have the opportunity to learn in a first-class environment while still in close proximity to MetLife Stadium."

Beckham would reportedly receive professional coaching. 

"We were very impressed with Odell's mechanics in the video," said Boulders pitching coach Bobby Jones, the former Mets starter. "He's shown his ability to catch a ball on the gridiron and after seeing his prowess on the mound, I am optimistic that he has the tools to develop into a quality pitcher."

In all probability, Beckham is going to pass on the Boulders' offer, which asks for him to report to Spring Training next May, in the middle of the Giants' offseason workout program. 

Although, if Beckham really wanted to try his hand at baseball in the offseason, the Giants wouldn't be able to stop him. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson attended Spring Training the past two years with the Texas Rangers prior to the start of the Seahawks' offseason workout program. 

And I have to say this again about Beckham. Is there anything the guy can't do with a ball in his hands?

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