Thursday, March 5, 2015

Walt Frazier calls female referee 'nice-looking' during Knicks broadcast (VIDEO)

Former New York Knicks legend and current MSG analyst, Walt Frazier, who has been known to turn a phrase, found himself in a little bit of hot water after saying two words about a female NBA referee during a broadcast.

The one-time man-about-Manhattan called Lauren Holtkamp, the female referee who worked Wednesday night's Knicks loss to the Indiana Pacers, "nice-looking."

And the comment has critics screaming louder than one of Clyde's colorful suits.

Pro Basketball Talk's Dan Feldman called for punishment and's Ananth Pandian used the word "inappropriate" to describe his words. Even Frazier's on-air partner Mike Breen shook his head during the broadcast exchange. 

"No, no, no, no, no," said the play-by-play man after he heard the remark.

At the time Breen was discussing Holtcamp, the first-year official who was criticized in February by Chris Paul after she handed him and his Clippers several technical fouls. Paul later said of Holtkamp, “This might not be for her,” a comment that sounded sexist to many.

Paul claimed that he was referring to her inexperience but was stilled fined $25,000 for the comment.

On the other hand, Frazier’s on-air stumbling and bumbling didn't need any explanation.

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