Monday, March 30, 2015

Tom Brady jumping off cliff not for faint-hearted or Patriots fans (VIDEO)

Chances are if there was a video of a New England Patriots player jumping off a rocky cliff into a small pool of water while on vacation it would be Rob Gronkowski, right?

Well Tom Brady, known mostly for sacrificing his body on the football field, is actually the one who took the death-defying leap and it seems Patriots fans weren't too thrilled about it.

This weekend as Brady posted a video on his Facebook page showing himself at the top of the rocky cliff first contemplating the plunge before someone (presumably wife Gisele) asks him, "Are you going to jump, Tom?"

The quarterback seems hesitant at first before taking the leap of faith with Pats fans' dreams of repeat Super Bowl hopes with him.

Here's the full video of Air Brady complete with the stirring Star Wars theme song:

Pretty awesome. But Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick would probably like to see Brady stick to less daring pursuits like getting buried in the sand.

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