Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tim Tebow visits Manny Pacquiao at training camp (PHOTOS)

Manny Pacquiao got a little lift in the spiritual department when he welcomed Tim Tebow to his training camp Saturday.

While Pacquiao prepares for his much-anticipated May 2 fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Las Vegas, the Heisman Trophy-winner posted photos on Instagram of the two together in Pacquiao's gym in Los Angeles.

Besides their strong Christian beliefs, both men have ties to the Philippines. Tebow was born on one of the islands to missionary parents and Manny, well ...  he is the unofficial face of the country.

"Awesome being with my Filipino and Christian brother," Tebow posted on his Instagram account.

Pacquiao spokesman Fred Sternburg said Tebow and Pacquiao are friends and they embraced when Tebow came to the gym.

Promoter Bob Arum was also there and they watched Pacquiao spar seven rounds, he said.

"Bob said when he left Tebow was still there," Sternburg said. "They seemed to be getting along."

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