Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ronda Rousey: ‘I’ll beat Laila Ali In boxing’ ... with some training

Ronda Rousey sounded very confident when she was asked if could beat Laila Ali in a boxing match while strolling Monday night in New York City.

The toughest lady in MMA told TMZ she could take the one-time baddest female fighter in a boxing match ... if she had a little training in the ring.

Ali told TMZ a while back that no woman alive could take her inside the ropes. But Rousy didn't agree and said she'd beat Muhammad Ali's daughter even if the fight wasn't in a cage — where Ronda would clearly have the advantage with her trademark arm bar.

"I went from judo to MMA," said Rousey, "So why not MMA to boxing?"

Rousey also had a response to that Houston Texans cheerleader — and former boxer — Antonieta Osuna — who boasted she wants a piece of the UFC champ too

Here's Ali's call out:

Do I hear Super Fight 2?

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