Monday, March 2, 2015

Odell Beckham Jr. once had aspirations of playing professional soccer: Report

We already know Odell Beckham Jr. has, arguably, the best hands in the NFL but, did you know the New York Giants wide receiver once wanted to concentrate on a sport that utilized his feet?

Beckham was touring the United Kingdom last week, and went on the talk show "Soccer AM" to discuss his breakout rookie season and about his dreams of playing soccer as a teenager.

"I started when I was three years old and played until I was about 14," Beckham said. "My coach was pushing to try and get me on the national team and tryout. At that age, you're 13, 14 years old you know that to make it big in soccer you are probably going to have to go overseas. Obviously that would be a goal and that would be the dream. At that age it would have been hard for me to leave my family and just go.

"I played every other sport, soccer, basketball, baseball, football. And I just said, 'I don't think I can leave my family.' So that's when I kind of put the soccer dreams aside and stuck close to home with the other sports."

Footage of Beckham handling a soccer ball, among other things, has been making the rounds, but here he is at the Pro Bowl combining football with football:

Yeah, he got skills. And why does this pose seem vaguely familiar?

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