Friday, March 13, 2015

Spectator knocks cyclist off bike at finish line by grabbing handlebars (VIDEO)

An Australian cyclist was flipped off her bike just before the finish line of a race after a an idiot spectator's hand reached out and touched her handlebars.

Loren Rowney was just feet away from finishing third in the Molecaten Drentse 8 in The Netherlands, when the fan's high-five turned into a low-seven — as in seventh place.

The spectator appears to have grabbed onto Rowney's handles, which sent her flying over her bike.

The 26-year-old managed to crawl over to the finish line to finish the race but is believed to have suffered a broken collarbone, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

South-African born Rowney laid on her back until the medical staff helped her off the track.

While Rowney managed to finish, race winner and two-time world champion Giorgia Bronzini of Italy described the European women's cycling tour race finish as "strange."

"I thought at first that maybe it was my fault," she said.

Rowney took to Twitter to thank everybody for the well wishes.

"I'll try and get back to you all... it's hard with 1 arm! on my way to Hamburg for treatment," Rowney wrote.

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