Monday, March 2, 2015

NHL veteran Dustin Penner gets fired from TV gig over Twitter rape joke

Outspoken NHL star Dustin Penner has been dropped from a scheduled analyst spot on TSN after making an offensive rape joke and then following it up with a series of equally tasteless remarks. 

The former Washington Capitals winger and current free agent had been scheduled to appear on TSN's TradeCentre on Monday discussing the hockey league's trade deadline, but that was before his bone-headed tweet:

"Is it always consensual if she's your girlfriend? Asking for my gf...& shortly arriving police," tweeted Penner on Saturday night.

Rather than apologize Penner attempted to justify his remark by tweeting that his girlfriend was in on it too:

If the 32-year-old thought others might share his sense of humor he was sorely mistaken as he received a series of replies from other Twitter uses who reminded Penner that rape is never funny.

An undeterred Penner continued making light of the situation with another attempt at being funny.

But after giving it some thought on Saturday night, Penner issued an apology on Sunday.

Penner also tweeted that the decision for him not to appear on TSN was a "mutual decision."
It still doesn't sound like Penner has a grasp of this whole "mutual" thing just yet.

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