Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Packers' Davante Adams challenges Odell Beckham Jr. to 1-on-1 hoops game

Davante Adams saw Odell Beckham showcase his dunking ability on Instagram a while back and says he would love to get a chance to go one-on-one with Giants' phenom on the court.

The Green Bay Packers receiver was only slightly impressed and told Yahoo Sports Radio's Ken Thomson about his own dunk video that had the Internet buzzing:

"I know Odell pretty well but it was just out of — I saw [Beckham and 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick] put their little dunk videos up too, so I was like, okay, let me make one. It was late — like 11 o'clock at night one time — and I just went to go to the court just to get a little run in, and you know, said, 'I'll show them that I'm just a little bit athletic.'"

Here's Adams backing up his bravado via Instagram:

Adams was then asked if he could take Beckham one-on-one. His reply: "Real basketball? Oh yeah! Tell him to come down to Cali." Thomson suggested the Las Vegas strip as a location and Adams said he'd "love for that to happen."

Maybe around May 2 when that other grudge match between Manny and Floyd is on. There should be more than a few fans in town that weekend.

And here's the Beckham jam that keeps giving and getting — that's getting as in challenges.

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