Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Greg Popovich takes selfie with fan, asks for $10 (PHOTO)

Gregg Popovich is usually pretty tightly wound leading up to a game, but the San Antonio Spurs coach is known to have a little fun too.

This was evident when a reddit user named skillzdan ran into Pop in New York City. The Spurs were playing the Knicksbut the team came into the city a day early. According to skillzdan, he ran into the coach and wine connoisseur outside of a bar and then asked for a selfie.

Surprisingly, Popovich agreed.

Ran into Pop on 45th street in Midtown Manhattan last night. He was headed into a bar with who I presume was his wife. I was subject to the shortest most Pop interview ever. "Hey Pop can I get a selfie?!" "Yes."

We followed him into the bar but he was in a semi-private area with a bunch of very decorated military men. On his way out a few of my friends snapped another pic with him and that was all she wrote. Tried coming up with some small talk to bullshit with him about but... It's Pop. No small talk with that guy. He jokingly asked for $10 after the selfie and then laughed his way out of my life.

Now if you mentioned that the 1999 Domaine de la Romance Conti La Tache is a full-bodied gem of a wine that goes well with chicken topped with Parmesan and prosciutto ... then your talking.

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