Friday, March 6, 2015

MSNBC gets pranked by foul-mouthed Larry Donnell imposter on air (VIDEO)

New York Giants tight end Larry Donnell was one of the 127 passengers aboard the Delta flight that slid off the runway at LaGuardia Airport Thursday morning.

Donnell shared photos and video of his experience after the incident, and even joked about what had just happened, writing: "Look at this sh*t! Knew I shoulda stayed my ass at home."

Then, a few hours later, MSNBC reported that they had Donnell on the phone to give an account of what happened on the flight.

Unfortunately for MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell, she was being pranked.

The news network placed a man on the line who claimed to be Donnell. The man said he'd been a passenger on the aircraft.

“Where were you sitting on the plane, and when did you first know you were all in trouble?” Mitchell asked her guest.

“I was sitting in the — f*ck her right in the pussy," the bogus Donnell bursts out, and quickly hangs up.

Mitchell appeared not to understand the mumbled profanity, and she continued to ask questions.

“I think we were being had,” NBC News correspondent Tom Costello interjected. “I don’t think that was a legitimate witness, based on what he said on the air."

"He uttered some, some profanities," Costello added.

WARNING: Video contains naughty language:

This type of prank is nothing new and this particular vulgarism has been a meme for about a year.

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