Friday, March 6, 2015

Blackhawks' Duncan Keith takes little girl for heartwarming first skate (VIDEO)

Things have been frighteningly cold all around the country but, sometimes, someone does something that warms more than the hands and feet.

NHL star Duncan Keith recently spent some time with a young fan born with disabilities to assist her with the first skate of her young life.

And if it doesn't warm your heart, you're colder than the snow.

The Blackhawks defenseman welcomed the little girl named Cammy for the franchise’s latest installment of its #WhatsYourGoal campaign.

Cammy, who was born without the ability to walk or speak, always wanted to skate the ice and score a goal — especially with her favorite player.

“[Cammy’s] parents said nothing would make her happier than to score a goal with an assist from her favorite player…me,” Keith said.

So the Blackhawks didn't waste time finding Cammy a 'Hawks jersey, a helmet and even skates.

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Instead of wheeling her onto the ice in her chair, Keith wore a harness that would attach Cammy to him so that she could stand upright and skate in tandem with the two-time Norris Trophy winner. And though Cammy had never walked in her life, there she was on the ice and skating.

Keith guided Cammy in on a breakaway on backup goalie Antti Raanta. The pair made a few moves and slipped one five hole to score a goal. Cammy squealed with excitement.

Let the VIDEO tell the wonderful story. Have a box of tissues nearby.

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