Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Top selling throwback jersey sales state-by-state may surprise you

You've seen them worn at every stadium and arena in the country and if you ever wondered what old school throwback jersey fans purchase the most in each state, here is your answer.

The clothing company, Mitchell & Ness, put together a map of the best-selling old school jerseys in each state — and some of the big sellers may shock you. 

Kobe Bryant (A throwback already? Isn't there a five-year rule?) is tops in seven states — Oregon, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee and Rhode Island — but, surprisingly, not California where Montana, as in Joe, rules.

In Montana, as in the state, Roger Staubach is the big gun while Wayne Gretzky is the Great One in Alaska. I guess the hosers in Canada get to contribute to that one.

The top old jersey in New Jersey was Ex-Jets QB Joe Namath's No. 12 and, funny enough, Broadway Joe's uniform top was also a best-seller on Main Street ... in Iowa?

Oddly, Namath was outsold by Knicks legend Patrick Ewing in New York but Pennsylvania still loves their ex-Eagles QB Randall Cunningham and Virginia still adores Riggo.

Most of the results make sense: Barry Sanders in Michigan or Pat Tillman in Arizona, but who can explain why Dave Winfield's No. 31 Padre's shirt is even worn 3,200 miles away never mind being the most worn throwback jersey in Maine? 

And why is Mickey Mantle so popular in Idaho? Or likewise, Lou Gehrig in Wyoming?

Hmm... maybe those old Yankees fans are cowboys at heart.

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