Monday, March 2, 2015

Free-falling skydiver rescued after having mid-air seizure (VIDEO)

A free-falling student skydiver who had a mid-air seizure at 9000-feet was rescued by another jumper who courageously caught up to his convulsing companion and managed to pull the ripcord to deploy his parachute in mid-jump.

Remarkable footage (below) shows the terrifying moment Australian Christopher Jones had an epileptic seizure while free-falling outside of Perth.

The 22-year-old Jones suffered the near-death experience while trying to do a left-hand turn in mid-air and was saved by his fast-acting sky diving instructor who managed to grab Jones and deploy his parachute without getting slammed by the free-flying Jones.

Jones regained consciousness at 3000-feet and managed to land safely on the ground.

The dramatic video was captured on a helmet-cam:

 Skydiving instructor Sheldon McFarlane said Jones had epilepsy but hadn't had a seizure in four years and had been given the all-clear by his doctor.

"He had all the documentation and had been to his doctor, he had been seizure-free for a number of years and believed he had it under control," said McFarlane.

McFarlane only found out Jones had suffered a seizure once the ground, after Jones entered the hangar and told him. 

Jones said he dreamed of being a pilot but was unable to because of his condition, so he had decided to try skydiving instead.

"I'd been seizure-free for four years," he told ABC.

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