Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Basketball player comforts young fan after wild melee on court (VIDEO)

Player fights rarely produce any winners and, sometimes, it's the innocent bystanders who pay the price.

After a game between two Spanish league basketball teams turned into an all-out bench-clearing brawl last weekend, former NBA player Tornike Shengelia took a moment to check on a frightened little boy who was sitting way to close to the free-swinging action in an attempt to calm the shaken kid.

Check it out at 1:29 below:

The heartwarming act of compassion would have really been great — if it wasn't for the fact that Shengelia was one of the instigators of the melee.

Following the wild scene all but eight of the ACB League's players were ejected from the game.

And Shengelia's Zero to Hero moment probably left the boy more confused than comforted.

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