Friday, March 13, 2015

Syracuse's Otto the Orange banned from ACC mascot game: Report

The Syracuse suspensions levied at Jim Boeheim by the NCAA last week didn't end with players and coaches. The punishment even included Otto the Orange, the team mascot:

The Atlantic Coast Conference held its annual mascot basketball game at halftime of the North Carolina-Louisville quarterfinal Thursday. Fourteen of the ACC’s 15 mascots played — from Mr. Wuf of NC State to Rameses of North Carolina to Sebastian the Ibis of Miami.

But no Otto.

While a Syracuse banner still hangs next to banners for each school at the conference tournament, the ubiquitous orange fur ball is nowhere to be seen inside the Greensboro Coliseum.

Syracuse said back in February that it would keep itself out of this postseason in response to a lengthy NCAA investigation. The probe found the program committed academic violations, ignored drug test procedures and accepted payment for volunteer work at a YMCA.

But the Orange’s 'S' logo still appears on the tournament’s official souvenir T-shirts, along with the insignias of all the other schools.

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