Friday, May 9, 2014

Bucks send custom ping pong balls to fans ahead of NBA Draft Lottery (PHOTO)

The Milwaukee Bucks have the distinction of finishing the regular season with the NBA's worst record and still found a way to put a nice spin on losing to their long-suffering fans.

Being the worst is normally nothing to brag about but, because of the team's ineptitude, the Bucks do have a a small glimmer of hope and a 25 percent chance of landing the number one pick in this year's Draft Lottery on May 20.

In order to get the fans excited about the fact that they will have more little white balls in the basket than any other team, the Bucks have shipped out custom ping pong balls with the Bucks logo on them, along with a card that reads “OWN THE FUTURE. WIN THE LOTTERY.”

The Bucks have also included a page explaining how the lottery works and what the team’s chances are of winning the lottery actually are.

Fans might want a definition of the word winning first.

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