Friday, May 16, 2014

SI swimsuit model's semi-nude #Bringbackourgirls photo gets slammed: Report

A sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit model's heart might have been in the right place but, according to a lot of Internet critics, it's too bad some clothing wasn't covering it.

Irina Shayk, best known for appearing in the annual beachwear issue and being soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, posted pictures online supporting the campaign to save nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria by terrorist group Boko Haram.

The Instagram  images show the 28-year-old Russian beauty with just a piece of cardboard with '#bring back our girls' covering her semi-naked body. Soon after posting the well-intentioned pictures on her Facebook and Instagram pages, she faced a massive backlash, with her followers accusing the star of being disrespectful to the campaign.

Facebook user's harsh comments ranged from "This is utterly distasteful, ignorant, vile and egregious. Stop your self pandering" to "This is exactly the justification terrorists are probably using to prevent women from receiving."

One post directly asked: "Do you even know how/why the girls were kidnapped and by who? Do you even care?"

"Or are you just posting this up because your fans will think you care and have an idea of what is going on around the world."

The model was just following in the footsteps of fellow celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Amy Poehler and Michelle Obama by using the hashtag campaign to show their support for the Nigerian schoolgirls recently kidnapped by the Islamic terror group known as Boko Haram or Western Education Is Sinful.

If bringing attention to the tragic situation was Shayk's goal, it might be hypocritical if you don't say she did her part in her own way.

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